Author: Baixiong

I have been playing Heroes Quest recently and I’d like to share some thoughts and tips. The items contribute quite a lot to the strength of your team. One good piece can boost your Arena rank significantly. As a result, every time the Sealed Equipment in the event resets, a debate is raised in the guild chat - “what do you think of the item on sale?”, “is it worth?”, “how do I use it to its maximum potential?”, “any Pro can shed some light?”

Well, as a PRO, I do feel the responsibility. Now I will talk about the latest item on sale – Orb of Immortality. Like any sealed item, it grants the user a special effect. According to the description, it “applies a shield on using skill, absorbing damage equal to 3% of maximum health.”


In theory, it may seem fit on tanks. A typical team has a tank, a healer and some damage dealers, and one of the keys is to make the tank more “tanky”. I see people in my guild equipping Bruno Towershield with it without any hesitation. But really, this item isn’t suitable for any hero.

Most heroes, have 2 auto skills and 1 passive skill, with a few exceptions. Noam Keck, and Bruno Towershield have 2 passive skills and 1 auto skill. Wait, are you suggesting that this makes a difference?


I surely am. The conclusion is that, heroes with more (frequent) auto skills benefit more from Orb of Immortality. I tested in a few challenges and this is what I got: Orb on Noam Keck, the first trigger was at 2:49 and the second was at 2:24; Orb on Grewnice Rennes, the first was at 2:49, and the second was at 2:28. So that’s 25 seconds and 21 seconds, the old wolf wins by a margin.


Of course there will be other factors affecting the actual result, but it is confirmed that heroes with more (frequent) auto skills utilize better Orb of Immortality.

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